Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Starting Strength check in

Well, everything is going along smoothly and quietly since I have been squatting less weight. Since I began the starting strength (SS) program eight weeks ago (am currently on my ninth week) I have not missed a single day. I’ve also been eating a lot more, trying to get 200+g of whole protein supplemented with about 60g of protein in shake form taken in on lifting days. I’ve also started eating a lot more carbs on lifting days, things like gluten free pie and two or three sweet potatoes are now becoming the norm. I also find myself not as paleo on lifting days, allowing myself a double hamburger if the option presents itself. I also find myself having frozen yogurt on occasion, although I think I’m over that phase now.

Been trying to figure out a workout program now that I’m doing 531 with the press but everything else is still SS. Talked to Ryan at crossfit Durham and he came up with this for me:

SS Squat
SS Bench

SS Squat
Incline DB Press 5 x 10

SS Squat
531 Press
Kroc Rows

Appreciate it bro.  Since I’ve started I’ve put on almost 10 pounds. I’m not sure if I’ve stopped gaining weight or not, I guess I should start weighing myself every day to see what is going on.  Honestly I’d be happy if I could put on another 20# if it was all muscle.  Not sure if I can do that, eating is starting to take over my life, but I guess if I want it I’ll find a way.  I mean, I could eat 5# of steak a day, but at this point I would be literally eating myself out of house and home. So I’m trying to figure out cheap, easy ways to eat clean food. Seems like that’s a recipe for Chicken in all shapes and forms.  My wife has also come across a fantastic Shepard’s pie recipe, and it is totally awesome I could eat it all day everyday if I could.

But nothing really noteworthy is going on, back/shoulder is still bugging me, my hip is still not at 100%, but  I’m still getting stronger.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Why am I doing this to myself?

Wednesday I stalled on my squat, it wasn't pretty.  I loaded up 240# on the bar, got under it, and was only able to get down about 2" before something just felt... wrong.  My back just wasn't right, I felt it bend a way it wasn't supposed to and so I freaked out a bit.  Racked the weight, collected my thoughts, and tried again, with the same result.  I just took off 15# and did the work sets with 225.  My hip was really bothering me, my hip flexor and adductor muscles were super tight and I was suddenly worried that I'm actually going to hurt myself, like I did in the Oly competition.

I started thinking about how squatting heavy hurts.  Like it's just the motion of squatting, it can be with just the bar and I feel this stab of pain in my groin area.  I guess I've been ignoring it because I've been dealing with pain for such a long time just having pain some of the time (when squatting) is way better then what it used to be (pain all the time).

But on Wednesday, I suddenly worried that I won't ever get to lift heavier than 225 without pain that I can handle.  It kind of scared me because there was a part of me that felt ok giving up on lifting, especially if it meant I wouldn't be in pain.  I mean, why am I putting myself in a position where I experience pain?  I've always viewed this as a battle of wills, that I'm not going to let this thing get me down.  Well, Wednesday it felt like I was running out of willpower.  Of course I would just give up on squatting only, but I feel like lifting without squatting isn't really lifting.

I know I still have some gains to make with PRP, and I'm really, really looking forward to seeing Dr. Hauser in December.  With him addressing the tear that manifests itself with internal rotation, I really feel like I can get back to 100% (how many times have I typed that up in my blog???)

Honestly it's still hard to imagine exercise without pain, that my right hip would feel like my left hip.

With the stall on the squat and the stall on the press, it looks like I am getting closer and closer to implementing the 531 program.  The more I research it the more excited I am about it.  I'm going to only have to do one lift a week, and will be adding a lot of volume with assistance exercises.  I have a feeling doing more volume will really help me.

....I am loving the whole eating big thing.  I'm still doing the intermittent fasting, but am still trying to get 200+g of protein in a day, and a lot more carbs than I used to.  Am seeing some results bulk wise, and I don't think I'm really getting any fatter, can still see my abs about as well as when I started eating tons.