Wednesday, May 22, 2013

If you want something done right...

So about 1-2 years ago during all these massages, physical therapy, prolotherapy and God knows what else I've done to my hip I've felt some nagging discomfort in what I felt was right near the inguinal crease.  I kept thinking that was the psoas, but once I got the prolo and the psoas died down I realized there was something else going on.  I would sit on a softball for a bit and that seemed to help.  I would tell this to Bobby, and I've told it to other massage therapists as well, and even my pt.  They all responded with nodding their head as if they understood, but after the treatment I would still feel whatever it was that I was feeling.

I have no idea why it took this long, but the other day I thought to myself, "you know, why don't I just try to release the knots myself without the softball?" So I tried, and oh my Lord I came across some serious knots.  I tried some home made graston with a butter knife and some massage oil and the area felt like it was gravel.  ...In graston, the metal picks up the knots of facia as rough spots.  That gravelly area was rougher than anything I've ever felt before.  So it seems like there is this patch on my thigh that has been completely ignored, allowing for all kinds of knots to develop.  And I'm left here thinking why the hell no one else has worked on this area???  I guess I understand, I mean is seems to be my pectinues, it's on the innermost part of my thigh. But seriously?  Perhaps that's not the reason, perhaps it's just a really odd spot to have knots.  I don't know. All I know is that I've figured out yet another piece to this puzzle and am really, really happy for it.

Whatever the case, when I worked on them I felt some real intense burning sensation, I am  familiar enough with this sensation to recognize it as adhesions tearing.  It felt like I was stabbing myself with red hot pokers, but afterwards I felt much, much better.  I have no idea why no one else has worked on this area but once I did it I felt amazing, like the pain went away completely.

Like, I'm completely pain free.  It's pretty amazing, and the solution was so freaking simple and easy.  I am now squatting deep, and am pain free.  Just need to keep this up and I will be super, super happy.  Pretty amazing.