Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Things that drive me crazy

Normally I try to write posts that are full of content, and less about opinion. I mean, who really cares about my opinion on something? You don't see me on news TV being interviewed on subject matter. Regardless, things are going fantastic on the injury front so things have been quiet on this blog. I decided to spice it up with a "grinds my gears" piece, so enjoy:

I’m not sure how my personality comes across on this blog.  A lot of the times I think these posts are boring (at least to anyone other than myself and my mom who loves anything and everything her darling son does) updates on my physical well-being and don’t contain that much useful content, though I try to put out as much content as possible.  Anyway, I like to think of myself as a nice, easy-going guy. I take whatever challenge that is placed in front of me, and I don’t wig out, I just try to figure out how to deal with itI think the barbell Buddha would be proud.  Anyways, through facing my own personal challenges I know that we all have our own ways of perceiving and dealing with the world.  If I tried what would work for most of the population with pretty much any challenge I’ve faced, I would not have been successful.  So when I see other people doing things differently, I try very hard to just accept them as they are.  Even though I would take a completely different approach to achieving whatever goal, I will never tell someone they are doing it wrong.  You want to lose weight so you go Vegan? Fine. You want to lose weight by eating breakfast? Hey whatever works for you. Different strokes for different folks.

Ok, so now that I’ve buttered you up, telling you that I’m a nice guy, I would now like to tell you the ideas/concepts that annoy the absolute shit out of me. In no particular order:

  • Squatting below parallel is bad for you. This idea is complete horseshit and needs to change. If anything, partial squats have been shown to place a lot of shearing force on the knees.
  • Something like a Nutrigrain bar is good for you.
  • Protein bars are good for you. Saw an episode of Good Eats explain how they are made. The protein from protein bars come from horse hooves, so basically you’re eating glue. Never again.
  • Eating small, frequent meals “stokes the metabolism”.
  • Cardio is the ONLY way to lose weight.
  • The idea that you can out train a poor diet.
  • ALL red meat is bad for you.
  • Dietary cholesterol will increase your risk for heart problems
  • Take anti-inflammatories to deal with muscle pain.  Although there really isn’t a pro-NSAID movement out there, it just bothers me to hear people taking something that is making them weaker, not stronger Here is another article explaining inflammation.  Really try to get the word out.
  • Lifting heavy will make you bulky (I especially don’t like this one with regards to how it scares women off from lifting).
  • People who take their own personal experience and think it then applies to everyone else.  “I’ve lost 10 pounds by going vegan, so you should too!”  “You don’t eat meat? You are an idiot because that shit is just unnatural.”
  • Cholesterol is the marker for heart health. No it’s not, High Cholesterol isn’t bad for you, it’s high cholesterol and eating sugars.
  • Juice Cleanses. Honestly what good comes from a "cleanse"? Just do intermittent fasting instead.
Alright, end rant.  I'm going to have some more stuff up here, all not necessarily exercise related, just things I would like to share with the world.