Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Starting Strength Update.

Not much to report, all is quiet on the home front.  I’m still doing starting strength, and so far I’m still seeing gains, except for the press.  It’s been eight  weeks, and here were my first work set numbers:

Squat: 135
Press: 70
Bench: 115
Deadlift: 185

And here are they now:

Squat: 235
Press: 110 (kind of, can only get three reps of this)
Bench: 160
Deadlift: 235 (as of tomorrow, I’m pretty damn sure I’ve got this one)

So in two months my Squat has gone up 100#s, Press is 40#, and Bench has gone up 45#.  I’ve stalled twice with the press, so I think it’s time to switch it up to 5/3/1 for the press while I continue to see linear gains with everything else.  I was originally only upping my deadlift weight by 5#s, but as soon as I realized that’s only 5#s a week I went to 10#s.  Still, I’m going to start squatting more than I’m deadlifting, and that just doesn’t feel right.

...Honestly, from this experience, I think it would be wise for one to do Starting strength and then do crossfit, get the strength first, then do the conditioning.

I’m thinking of abandoning the intermittent fasting for now.  I’ve only gained 6 pounds since the beginning of all of this, and I think most of that was from this past weekend when I was in dallas and just pigged out all the time.  However, I just got some protein powder in the mail and will add that to the mix.  If I don’t gain weight while on IF and the shakes, I’ll just drop IF all together and then when I’ve put on some pounds (not sure what my goal is right now) I’ll get back onto IF and lose the fat.  Most of the IF testimonials show guys getting ripped, but none of them really look bigger (although they are stronger).

My hip is doing ok with all of this.  When I was testing out the front squat over two months ago I felt something… disagree with the movement.  Now I’m feeling tightness/pain in my psoas and adductors.  Although this is a bit of a step back, the discomfort/pain has not continued to get worse so I don’t think I should back off of squatting.  After all, I was back squatting back in Barrington and everything was fine.  I am also really, really looking forward to seeing Dr. Hauser with the intention of checking out my hip with regards to internal rotation.  I really believe that will be fixed, and I will eventually have a completely healed labrum.  It will be awesome.

However, I know that for probably about two weeks after I see Dr. Hauser I shouldn’t really push the hip to let it heal.  So during the Christmas holidays I will be doing leg curls/extensions and bench and pull ups, maaaaybe deadlifts.  We’ll see how I respond.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Starting Strength working out alright

So I've been doing Starting Strength for six weeks now.  It has been a great way to reacclimate my body to weightlifting.  I've experienced my first stall, with the press.  From what I understand, I get two more attempts to be able to successfully hit my workout sets and then I scale it back to like 80% and start all over again. ...it's kind of sad that I can't do 5 reps of 105#, but it is what it is, and the only way to get stronger is to deal with it.

The hip has been dealing with the squats really well.  I can tell that I'm not 10% yet, my right hip adductors are still tight, still trying to protect the joint.  For that I plan on seeing Dr. Hauser again this December, now that we have a possible diagnosis of a tear dealing with the internal rotation.  This has been such a long process, I fear that it will never end.  But I'm still holding out hope that once my labrum is 100% my hip will feel even better then what it's feeling like now.

Eating has been interesting.  With that powerlifting training I'm starting to eat like a powerlifter.  I'm now trying to let my body recover by eating as much as possible in my 8 hour eating window.  Things that used to be off limits like gluten-free pie are now suddenly on the table.  I tried eating cereal after a workout but that still upsets my stomach.  Carbs are my friend.  The thing is, now that I'm trying to gain weight, I'm having problems.  Last time I weighed myself I was still clocking in at 180-182#s. That's not a whole lot for a 6'2" guy like me.  I find it puzzling, the idea that I'm not eating enough when I'm trying to get in 200g of protein in a day.  When I follow up a workout with over a pound of liver (100+ grams of protein) as well as pie and other stuff I feel like I should be seeing more results.

I'm thinking about starting to supplement with protein shakes.  It kind of goes against what I think, that if you need shakes you are taking the easy way out, but this stuff is getting expensive and difficult.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Hip/Shoulder report: Things looking up still.

Almost forgot.  The other weekend I was back in Chicago and got to see Bobby again.  As he went through my hip flexors he said things were tight but they weren’t tight like they were protecting something.  My chest/shoulder used to be so tight Bobby had to work on my left pec for over 30 minutes.  Now it releases without any real problem.  Yay for simple shoulder help.  Obviously this is good news, seems that my hip is in much better condition, tons better than what it was like a year ago.  Honestly it’s hard to remember how painful it used to be, not that I’m complaining.  I still feel occasional pains in my hip, there are certain movements, usually ones that involve hip adduction, that send a slight shock of pain through my leg, but again nothing to what it used to be.  If needed I can put up with this with the rest of my life no problem.  However, I still think I have room to improve, that I can one day move my hip around without the concern of it catching and clunking, especially since I think I’ve learned the issue is dealing with a different tear associated with internal rotation.

When the wife finishes this semester of school we are probably going to drive back up to Chicago to stay at her parent’s house for winter break.  The plan is while I’m there I’ll see Dr. Hauser at least once (spend the last of my FSA money, and then with the new year the FSA account will be refilled), and then see Bobby one more time.  Hopefully this works.  If not, well, we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.

New Workout Log on TNation

Ok well I had my fun over at the Bull City Barbell club, but to be honest I just couldn’t justify spending $160 a month on just showing up and lifting with other people, especially when I have a program that I can follow on my own.  I’m pretty disciplined with this stuff, I don’t need other people to motivate me anymore, results give me enough moto on my own, at least for now while I’m a noob.

Speaking of program, I’ve been doing Starting strength over the past month, and I wonder if I started out too light.  It also makes me realize how effen’ weak I am right now, as well as back when I was crossfitting.  Actually, I was aware almost four years ago that my numbers were pretty weak according to the starting strength guidelines, I guess I just never realized that I was spinning my wheels.

So it’s back to working out at the Duke gym.  I actually like working out there because I get to workout on my own time, meaning I can workout fasted again and follow it up with a huge recovery meal.  When I was working out at noon I think I was seeing greater results body comp-wise back then.  Here’s the numbers I put up today, still seeing linear strength gains, but I feel my press is starting to hit a ceiling.

Squat: 3 sets (190# x 5 reps)
Press: 3 sets (95# x 5 reps)
Pull ups: 3 sets (15# x 6 reps)

Surprisingly I’m not feeling any ceiling coming on with bench, but we’ll see how that goes.

I really have morphed into a bodybuilder mindset.  With the hip still not being 100% (more like 95%), the idea of squatting 600#s sounds wearisome rather than awesome. So right now my focus/goal is to look better naked.  Thankfully, since I’m such a noob there really isn’t much difference between training for strength and training for looks right now.  I also am starting to take in more carbs after workouts.  I used to think that 60g of carbs was a lot (that’s two sweet potatoes!), but am now thinking I could do with quite a bit more.  That has lead to an experiment with a bowl of cereal, and other high-carb sources.  Jury is still out on it, but here’s what I ate after lifting today:

¼ of gluten free apple pie
.75# steak
Bowl of cereal with milk
2 eggs

Afterwards I was still hungry, felt like I was good on the carb front, just needed more protein, maybe a pound of steak?  Eating all this food is starting to put a dent in my bank account, I need to figure out cheaper forms of protein.  Right now I’m eyeing eggs and maybe milk.  …I think dairy is something I can only handle in moderate amounts, so I’m a little weary of trying that right now.  I know milk is like THE source for a lot of people, but I just don’t know if my GI tract can stand it.

I’ve also discovered that Liver is a good source of protein, and it can be had for very cheap (like $5/lb for organic all natural grass-fed calf liver).  However, I’m going to limit myself to once a week just because it has the potential to have toxins and whatnot, even if from a “clean” source.

I’ve decided to start a training log over at T-nation.  I know, I know, a lot of xfitters think of that place as like xfit’s arch-nemisis, but I think we can all get along.  I’ve always wanted this blog to be more about my experience with exercise and injury rather than just a workout log.  I always thought of those as pretty boring, and I don’t want to fill up this blog with that stuff.  I’m still going to tend to this blog, I just want this to be more about info I come across like prolo and leangains and stuff like that.