Friday, September 11, 2015

It's a Traps!!!!

So I just got back from seeing Dr. Fullerton. I saw him simply for diagnostic purposes, because I felt like he was a bit rushed in diagnosing and treating whatever he found, all in one session.  So I thought to see him to just figure out what is wrong, and come up with a game plan from there.  He checked out my shoulder, especially my upper back, and he found that I have torn my trap muscle, in the mid-back area.  This is probably the main source of the pain I’m currently experiencing.  He also checked out the shoulder capsule and the infraspinatus (a muscle that gets needled regularly). If he found anything he didn’t comment on it, but he was mostly excited about finding the tear in the trap. I think he was excited because he found it using techniques with the ultrasound that he had learned about earlier this year.  Secondly, I think he was impressed at the extent of the damage. The tear wasn’t just in the tendon/ligament, it was in the actual muscle belly as well.

He also checked out my hip. While it is so much better than prior his treatments, it still bothers me to raise my right leg to my knee.  He found some damage to the tendon that the adductor magnus attaches to, as well as some damage to where that particular tendon continues on up to the abdominal rectus.  Hopefully the next treatment I get will be my last for that.  …Story of my life right?

I’m not as hopeful that the next treatment for my shoulder/trap will be my last, mostly because I fear there is something going on in the front of the AC joint as well.  Dr. Fullerton is only really able to address one thing at a time, so I understand his focus on the back.  I just worry that I will need yet another treatment after this.

Because of the timing of things, I don’t expect to see him again until around January.  I need to get some other things in order before I go see him again.  But I have hope still; I think I can actually beat this.

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