Monday, March 30, 2015

Possibly the last treatment for my right hip????

Well, hopefully these next few months will be my last series of posts dealing with hip pain.  I think I’ve finally resolved the last piece of the puzzle, at least concerning my right hip.  I saw Dr. Fullerton this past Friday, and having been tired of him addressing my shoulder and then running out of time to address my hip, I decided to make this appointment all about the hip.  He went through the notes from past visits, and asked to see my side lunge.  

The side lunge is a stretch that I can do very easily with my left hip, but not so easily with my right side.  I can’t do it on the right side because my groin is too tight, nor is it easy to balance. So after seeing the imbalance with the stretching, he then did some injections around my inguinal crease (some of the damage was underneath my femoral artery/nerve) and then had me try it again.  This time I could do it a lot better because my groin wasn’t tight, but I still couldn’t balance like I could on my left side.  He then performed some injections on the more outer part of my hip, and then this time when I tried it I could stretch my right leg just like my left leg. 

It was ridiculous how easy it was to perform that stretch on my right side.  I remember showing the asymetry to a PT and he was like “well maybe over the years your hip has adapted to various pathologies and now, that’s just how it works.” He made it sound like it was permanent and couldn’t be fixed.  Well, it can be fixed, and Dr. Fullerton fixed it.  It’s been a few days since seeing Dr. Fullerton, and my hip has clicked a couple of times with very slight movement, like shifting weight in bed.  Of course I worry that I’m doing something to make the hip out of socket, but perhaps it’s always been out of whack that and now for the first time it’s starting to behave properly.  I am also noticing some muscles surrounding my LEFT knee are spasming.  I’ve noticed that when I get one muscle treated, if it’s been affecting another muscle, that other muscle will start spasming as it releases.  So perhaps my right hip has been affecting my left knee. Pretty cool stuff.

Once I’m allowed back into resistance training, I’m planning on doing some pilates and yoga to work on these muscles.  I imagine with a healed hip the movements will be much easier to perform.  They say to help deal with injuries you need to work on core strength, but what happens when it’s your core that is injured? Anyways, I am looking forward to testing it out and will report back on how it handles.  I’m not posting a video about this because my vlog is more about my shoulder recovery than dealing with my hips.

In a couple of days I will see Dr. Fullerton yet again for him to treat my shoulder, so I'll report back with that.

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